RHINO AFRICA MINING GROUP is a Mining Specialist Group of companies conducting operations in various areas of mining, specifically in the contracting and supply services arena in Southern Africa. Our major operations arm is Newrak Mining, and our specialist operator arm is P² Mining. We also specialise in premix and Shotcrete manufacturing via our manufacturing arm Rakcrete. We undertake small Manganese mining operations in Zambia and maintain a consulting division in Mozambique.

At RHINO AFRICA MINING, we are dedicated to providing the mining industry in Southern Africa with professional, skilled services and products.
Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients and provide mining services that are safe and effective in exploiting their mineral resources.

  • We are a fully compliant BEE company and adhere to all the requirements of the Mining Charter
  • We have adopted a comprehensive SHERQ program at all our projects and operations
  • We maintain high productivity levels to the complete satisfaction of our clients
  • We believe in the support and development of our employees and assisting them to become the very best in their chosen fields
  • We enforce stringent and uncompromising health and safety standards on mining projects, in-office and at production plants
  • We apply our technical experience and knowledge to every new project and view every contract, big or small, as an important and valuable client
  • We maintain a company-wide culture of honesty, integrity and transparency with all our dealings
Newrak logo
This was the first company and remains the flagship subsidiary for Rhino Africa Mining Holdings (Pty) Ltd. It is a Mining and Construction company, offering multiple services including:

  • Development & Stoping, including full mining operations
  • Pillar Extraction, including “white area” mining
  • Primary and Secondary Support, including Meshing and Lacing, Shotcreting and Long Anchor Installation
  • Ore Pass rehabilitation
  • Opening up of damaged/closed workings
  • Drop Raising
  • Underground Construction
  • Vamping & Sweeping
  • Reclamation services

Newrak has assisted with projects on various levels of support, from full development to secondary services. We pride ourselves on the fact that our satisfied clients continue to use our services with their new and growing operations. Our metallurgical expertise and extensive experience in platinum, chrome and gold mines have empowered us to operate independently and with confidence in the increasingly competitive mining industry. We are proud of the projects that we have completed and sport a successful track record.

Find out more at www.newrakmining.co.za

Logo P² Mining
This company was established when an essential niche in the market was identified. There are many large mining operations that have marginalised shafts. For various reasons, they have chosen not to continue operations in that mining zone. P² Mining specialises in re-opening these mines and extracting the ore at a mutually beneficial cost to owners.

By employing leaner methods and leasing equipment on-site, it is possible to get value from shafts that would otherwise not be exploited as the company may feel that the resources required are not profitable.

The unique value proposition that we offer to stakeholders is literally a win, win situation. We bring our resources, knowledge and extraction capabilities to the project so that our stakeholders can reap the absolute best from their redundant and marginal operations. We do this by means of obtaining a “resource lease” and/or an operations agreement. From this point on, we can begin extracting residual minerals from certain existing shaft zones. Although the amounts extracted are incremental, they do not require the extra time and resources of the owners. In this way, both P² Mining and our clients benefit from something that would otherwise be left unexploited.

Find out more at www.p2mining.co.za

Logo Rackrete
Cement products and concrete aggregates are absolutely vital in underground mining construction. With the application of methods such as “shotcrete” becoming more viable in the industry; we identified a market for good, high quality cement and support products that are specifically formulated for underground construction. In many areas, poor ground conditions and sub-surface water makes it more important to use the very best quality raw materials. Because the life expectancy of many mines can run into decades, it is important that the shaft lining material be solid and reliable. Rakcrete applies the most stringent methods to ensure a superior, long-lasting product.

Rakcrete provides the following products:

    We provide concrete aggregate used in underground construction applications.
    For use in underground support, rock face lining, or in structural repair applications.
    We supply the Poly-fiber reinforcement which is typically used along with Shotcrete.
    We supply the concrete aggregates along with our cement product range.

Find out more at www.rakcrete.co.za